Why Edmonton?


When we were living in Calgary (2000 to 2007) I think we decided we were hoping to retire in Alberta. We love this province, the sunshine, the lack of humidity, the cost of living and the nearby mountains. Then came 2005 and the boom! It appeared we would never be able to afford to retire in AB. For example our neighbour’s house sold for $280K and a year later went back on the market for $415 and sold over the asking price. From there the prices just went up…

But isn’t it interesting how things continue to change.

Now Edmonton is considered the most affordable city in the country. And of course it isn’t just about the economics but of course like you, we have to be able to balance the books at the end of the day.

How affordable? Well, first of all there is no provincial sales tax. Oh, and income tax rates are lower too. And as another example, had we been buying a house in southern Ontario (which we could not afford) we would have paid both municipal and provincial land transfer tax in the neighbourhood of $7,000 as a minimum. In Edmonton we have paid just a provincial land transfer tax of $320.

But of course our biggest attraction in choosing Edmonton is putting us close to Philip and Amanda the three kids. That will be great.

Of course if you start looking at Edmonton on line it it isn’t long before something like this You Tube video shows up. I hope you enjoy and if you’re thinking of moving to Edmonton let us know.

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