English Concertina

In the packing of our things I have to say there are some things that we pack more carefully.

Whether it is very fragile or where it is something that has sentimental value. The fragile we wrap up well, make sure it is in a safe place in the box and that we know what box it is in. Sitting by my dresser has been this English Concertina which was my Dad’s. It’s clearly getting old – but it still works. Yes, I’ve had it out. The tough leather case is really fascinating but in good shape. There ‘s an interesting sticker on it indicating that it took a trip at some point from Bermuda.

I did find on You Tube, where it seems you can find a how to on almost any subject, a channel on learning to play the concertina. I can’t say I have done well as yet but it was interesting trying and I hope one day, soon or later, I hope to spend some more time to try.

And of course it was nice to see that the card on it identifies my Dad.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Margaret Waters says:

    wow that’s interesting, hope you can try to play it

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