Jason turns 37

It was a very snowy winter in 1984 when Jason was born in Listowel Ontario. As his birth was planned for that day due to a necessary caesarian birth. Early in the morning we drove over to the hospital and having prepped Wendy she was wheeled off and I was invited to wait in the “waiting room”. It seemed antiquated then, it feels even more so now. The protocols around seeing him after his birth were somewhat extreme.

Now here we are 37 years later and celebrating his life and character and accomplishments. I’ve noted this here before as he has three lovely children, two significant degrees and now a good job to carry him into the future with security.

Jason has turned into a great cook and he often sends pictures of his meals which feature creative preparation of delicious portions. Jason is great Dad too – gentle, caring, patient and immensely able to lead his kids in learning in life.

Happy birthday Jason!

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