A brand new day

There’s a new administration in the White House! I don’t normally make much comment; whether it’s a Republican or Democrate President doesn’t matter too much to me. I mean I’m a Canadian and just the next door neighbour. But the past four years have been hard on my soul watching a man with that much power and influence belittle, denigrate, tell lie after lie and just behave poorly.

This day will be different because of the actions of the leader who took four years to convince people that the press could not be trusted, that allies were taking advantage of the USA, that the democratic party was evil, that the election was fraudulent. It isn’t that I believe that one party or the other is better – far from it – in fact I have concerns about or own party structure and the inability of members to serve their constituency inside the control of the party whip. That being said what I think we’ve seen isn’t about political parties or a position on the political spectrum, it has been about someone who have lived to serve self and self alone. His inability to be faithful in a marriage relationship should be enough to tell you about character. Policy is important but I think I can say following the past four years that character is essential.

So the change in leadership seems to warrant this song – It’s a brand new day! Thank you Sting.

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