It’s not about behaviour

Much of what is in the mind of the average Christian these days is about behaviour. We measure our faithfulness by what we do or don’t do. There’s a list in our heads… it’s not as long as it was when I was young, but it’s there for me.

You know the list; don’t swear, dance, steal, lie, ride your bike on Sunday. Don’t lust, covet whatever your neighbour has, or miss attending church.

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Well, as you see some of that list might not be relevant for today. I think riding my bike on Sunday is soul restoring – when the weather is good – and if we believe the words of Jesus, that Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath then it makes sense.

Our Christian witness must be revealed through our behaviour – it’s not going to give any credence to the Gospel if it’s not in agreement with the Gospel, BUT the need for behavioural integrity should be the result of our faith, not the identity of our faith. You may remember the song we sing “For Thy mission make me holy, for Thy Glory make me Thine” reminds us that it’s about surrender to God that we find our identity. In that identity we find the call to be holy people and out of our identity flows our values and therefore our values are revealed in our behaviour.

I read a book twenty years ago, Tired of to do Christianity. Much of the book asked this question: why don’t you trust God for what you need, for direction, for satisfaction, for joy, for blessing?

It really comes down to will you trust God to guide you when you seek His will?

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