Leadership podcast

I’ve always loved podcasts, they’re in your pocket ready to play when you want them, not at a specified hour (hint, hint to those scheduling church services) and I can carry hundreds of them in my phone to listen to on a variety of subjects.

I have always enjoyed the Vinyl Cafe when they were being posted, and through the magic of digital memory we have dozens to replay for as long as we please. I enjoy listening to Under the Influence which is about marketing and has some really wonderful historical and insightful stories about the advertising industry.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

I have recently been listening to Carey Nieuwof’s podcast which has been drilling down on the impact of the pandemic on churches and their leaders, the needed strategy to deal with finding our way forward in these days and providing some encouragement. His list of subjects has been really fascinating.

Here’s a link to the current podcast I was listening to and it features Thom Rainer whose writings I have enjoyed for many years.

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