Are you ready?

I know it isn’t Christmas yet but we’ve started talking about putting up the Christmas tree early. How early is too early? Haloween hasn’t arrived, we’ve still got strawberries growing outside and I just cut the lawn again!

I think as a kid I thought of Christmas once the Eaton’s catalogue arrived. Remember that? I flipped through the pages, marking my choices or wishes… I had no idea how little money my parents actually had! But we had love and good food, and most often what I wanted seemed to land inside a box wrapped with love.

I was a Home Depot this week picking up a couple of things we’ll need for the upcoming winter season and behold…

Of course you can’t look at these without looking at these…

Yes, we’re all getting ready for winter and hopefully we’ll have Christmas together as a family – let’s pray for that!

Dear Lord, grant us a safe winter punctuated with the joy of celebrating the birth of Christ who came into this world to bring us peace, to be the prince of peace! Now grant peace in whatever our circumstances are.

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