14 days to confidence


I’ve been really amazed at the journey we’ve been over the past two weeks with Rachel, in particular with her bike. She’s been timid on her bike, but hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to ride and feel more comfortable. So this past two weeks she got lots of opportunity to be on her bike.

As I watched her move from this rather timid rider, to a place of significant comfort and confidence I thought about how we get past things that intimidate us. Most of us need to walk around the fear, kick the tires, try out the edges long before we would be willing to take on the challenge. Most of us need to determine if the fear is based on something that we can manage or is something to be avoided.

Isn’t it interesting that most of our fears are in our heads more than in front of us. And that’s what Rachel discovered.

At any rate, I promised her she could see the video we took on our last ride together yesterday.

Here she goes!

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