We could all use some kindness

Wendy and I watched A beautiful day in the Neighborhood with Tom Hanks last night. Again, we seem to end up watching the best movies later in the evening. Maybe that’s because I always feel like I want to do a dozen things after supper and so sitting down in front of a screen seems a waste of time.

I love to water the flowers, pick a few weeds, tonight I was also ridding the garden of some pesky worms that are eating my garden! I also like to make sure the van is clean, especially the windows. I like to read a bit, write something in my blog and make a few phone or video calls. It seems my list of people to talk to has grown lately.

Tonight however, we sat and watched this wonderful movie with Tom Hanks. Now almost any movie he’s been in has been good – some not so notable – thank you Castaway – but my favourite by far is probably Bridge of Spies. I like it because it’s based on a true story, but also because Hanks is at his best. It is worth watching more than once. (It’s on Amazon Prime)

This movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, deals with those difficult subjects of forgiveness, anger, family strife, hurt and death. And it deals with faith, in a gentle but authentic way. If Mr. Rogers is anything, he is kind, but he is also quietly courageous in faith. We even see him on his knees reading out the names of people who he is praying for and asking God to be with them.

Without giving anything away, it addresses beautifully how the hurts of our past can create hurdles for our present. Early in the film the theme of forgiveness is raised and then it is not spoken of directly until the very end, yet the whole script speaks into our need to forgive, and to be forgiven.

I recommend the film based on the real story of Fred Rogers, and if I am not mistaken there is a cameo appearance by the real Mrs. Rogers. See if you agree.

Oh, and see if you don’t sing a long when they are on public transit!

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