Faith and fun


Wendy and I have been watching This Is Us. What a wonderfully written television show. It certainly mixes all the social issues of the day into a fabric that upholds family values and gives expression to the call to see each other as frail and imperfect humans traveling along in life! It also upholds the value of family helping family, and I think in most ways this is the underlying theme of each show.

Our family’s journey has meant great geographical separation and as I get older I think it’s the one thing in life I would change. I would love to wave my magic wand and put us all in one community together.

My mom talks about her growing up years with grandparents living across the street and family in the area. She talks about walking home from school stopping in to see Grandma along the way.

Now that’s something we would cherish.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    yes living close to family members is a wonderful memory, my Grandma would get out her best china cups for tea and we would sit in front of the radio so she could listen to her soap operas, I only had to run across the street to go home but in those days you could walk to everything the circle of life was so small

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