A new rhythm


We’ve been having some really lovely conversations with our neighbours over the past few weeks. Without the business travel in our lives the days have taken on a new rhythm which has turned out to be quite pleasing. One of the other new rhythms has been more regular video chats with the grandchildren. Rachel calls each night before bed. Carlyle and Fitz call every other night for a story.

Now our library is a bit restricted these days without kids in the house but we had hung on to a selection of Bernstain Bear books. For the most part they are a hit though Carlyle is getting a bit anxious for us to expand the library and who can blame her. Fitz usually wants the same two books but he took is looking to expand his academic exposure.

The other night Carlyle read to me and Fitz on screen and she was excellent – she even turned the book so I could see what was on the page.

Yes, I am liking this new fhythm.

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