A photoshop project

I have been posting about my Grandpa Eastland and his business. Here’s a photo of how the office looked before it was torn down – considering that it’s been empty for many years I was always amazed that it was still standing, and even more amazed that across the street still stood the shed with the Grandpa’s name painted on it.

Niagara Falls 014

One night in a video chat Philip was working on his photo software and he shared his screen with me so I could see what he was doing. I watched as he took an old B&W photo of the building above and turned it into a colour photo making it look like it was a modern picture of an active business!

2004-11-07 00.09.21

I grabbed a screenshot though I’m waiting for him to give me a copy of the final product!


Now isn’t this amazing? Can you see the advertisements in the front window – the large junk of coal sitting mid window, the reflection of a car in the window, the lettering in the window!img_20200430_212533

Hey, Phil – can you share the final product?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    wow that’s great

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