A walk in the wild

Back in May of 2015, we had gone to visit Philip and Amanda in Canmore. Phil and I took off one day to drive Hwy 93 down to Radium which cuts through Kootenay National Park. It’s one of my favourite drives. On this day we did a number of stops along the way including Marble Canyon and the Paint Pots. These two natural wonders and amazing and the area around Marble Canyon had experienced a forest fire about 10 years before so the photos show how far the land had recovered.


It is quite fascinating to walk in the wild like that and to see the foundational changes as nature restores itself. I’ve added some photos below as a reminder of a great day for Phil and I as we walked with our cameras and enjoyed our day together.


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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    great pictures and what a lovely day you two had together

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