Happy birthday Amanda

1029Here’s one of those pictures! I have deliberately cut out Carlyle so she’s not on social media but kept the photo of Amanda on purpose. Amanda sent this to us, a few years ago, as she was out on a hike with Carlyle on her back in the carrier. It really represents much of whom Carlyle is.

She’s first and foremost a wonderful wife and mother. Her family matter and she gives herself in whole to these roles. She loves learning and has done so very well in advancing her education, but beyond that, she is a curious person and her understanding of life is broad and deep. She is also an outdoors person and loves to take the kids out of doors whether it is to a playground or for a walk or to play in the yard.

She is also a great neighbour and has built good friendships wherever she and Philip have lived. It’s not uncommon for her to have a play date for the kids and a cup of coffee with a neighbour.

Lastly, and most importantly, she’s a woman of faith. She is teaching her children to love the Lord and to follow Jesus as loving and obedient disciples. She makes sure they get to church and participate there, but more importantly, she centers their home existence on that faith. She reads them Bible stories, prays with them and provides encouragement for the whole family’s faith journey.

Today is her birthday so we wish her every good blessing for a day, a week, a month, a year filled with goodness, energy, and health.

Thanks Amanda for being true to yourself and to your family. We love you.

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