Visiting Mom


My days seem to be ruled by video calls and COVID-19 work.  We did have the pleasure of a good conversation with our neighbours at noon. They are fearful of the grocery stores and apparently don’t have a lot of groceries.  We had a nice chat and each offered help should either be in need.  This is one of the best neighbourhoods we have ever lived in. Calgary was similar!

It was nice to get Mom some groceries today, though Tim Horton’s coffee was unavailable, that being ground coffee in the bag. I dropped off the food and a couple of books for her to read and it was nice to see her on the balcony and talk to her. She is in good spirits and glad to have a balcony. Won’t it be nice when this is pas us?

The picture below is from years ago when Mom and Dad toured the UK with Uncle Ted and Aunt Dorothy. It seemed like a good time to remember past days.


Dad, Mom, Dorothy and Ted in England
Dad, Mom, Dorothy and Ted in England

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    The photos bring back some happy memories of our trip to the Congress in 1978 and our drive through the UK after with our friends Dot & Ted thanks for posting this

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