The kids are watching


Once in a while, with young kids in the house, Wendy would warn me if I was acting up with this phrase “the kids are watching”.  Yes, indeed they are. And they are picking up our values by what we do more than what we say. Isn’t that scary for those of you with young kids.

Kids know when things are good, and they know when things are not.

As a kid one of the things I remember is walking into the kitchen to find my Mom in the arms of Dad, they would just be there standing together, my Dad’s arms around Mom and they would be smiling – sometimes a couple of light kisses – and that was one of the greatest sights that I could see. It always made me feel safe. It made me feel like all was right in the world. It made me feel secure.

Most of the time my Dad would call me over and scoop me up and we would say “three kids” with a laugh!  They were far from kids but I felt so incredibly happy at that moment. Sound simple, sounds silly, but it is entirely true. So you won’t be surprised to know that I grew up feeling and believing that intimate touch between a mom and dad can be one of the strongest messages of love and security that you can give kids.

Having said all that, you will understand how I felt when I saw Carlyle’s drawing of her house and her Mom and Dad.

Way to go Philip and Amanda.

download_20200408_2146102014-07-26 11.28.12

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