A little reminder


The title says, a little reminder, but I think I would add, of a big promise.

In these days, when people are posting on Facebook about the loss of family, when governments are posting graphs predicting the possible impact on the population, in these days, I think it is good to remind ourselves of a couple of truths.

  1. Ultimately God has us in His Hand – the Word of God reminds that we will only live a certain length – no guarantees that we’ll make all 70 or 80 (if we have the strength) but He gives to us life
  2. Jesus reminded the disciples not to fear death – this life is only part of the journey and someday God will come in His Kingdom and complete the work begun in the garden of Eden.
  3. His children are in His care – Isaiah reminds us that He has carved us into the palm of His hand – yes a metaphor but one given to remind us that He holds us.
  4. To a very troubled group of disciples Jesus pointed to the sparrows and asked if God cares for them, don’t you think He’ll care for whom He loves?

On this last point, of course, we think of the Gospel song, written in 1905 by lyricist Civilla D. Martin and composer Charles H. Gabriel (according to Wikipedia). There are many versions but here’s the one we’ve been listening to these days. It is a good reminder that even in the midst of a pandemic, God has His eye on us, and we are in His hand.


So are you worried? Why not ask God to keep you in His hand and then take up the promise of His peace!

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