Be like Grandpa Waters

Here is Grandpa Waters.
It’s an old photo of him with my Grandmother and my Dad. From what I can guess, this is likely around 1940 (?) or so and my grandfather would be into his 50’s.
I was thinking about my Grandpa’s life in the midst of this current crisis.
He came to Canada from England at 17 on his own,
lived through the 1918 influenza crisis,
the Great Depression, two World Wars,
lost his first wife and third child during birth.
He lived with very little most of his life while serving as a Salvation Army officer. He started as a Salvation Army in January of 1916 and served as a corps officer, Red Shield service officer and finished his last ten years as the chaplain at the Kingston Penitentiary.
He had a reputation of being helpful, kind and godly. He was a man of faith and compassion. And – by the way – if the DNA and stories are true he had a very good sense of humour.
The theme of his life was to believe in God,
trust His Heavenly Father to provide
……….and to love his family.
Be like Grandpa Waters.

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