Land rights and standoffs

Today, the Toronto Sun reported that Greta Thunberg has been calling for people to support the Wetsuweten people and the standoff which has not only stopped the work of the pipeline extension but due to rail blockades is reducing the flow of goods and impacting commerce.  Greta, a 17-year-old, is also calling for donations to support those who are resisting and for further disruption of Canadian commerce and politics.

I have two questions, one is, who is behind this young woman? I’m unconvinced that she has the resources to travel, the political savvy or the economic insight to really give direction as she is. She’s had a bit of a spotlight on her recently chiding a rail line for their service and they pointed out that she was travelling first class and was treated well. So I suspect someone is already poking around trying to see who she is really representing.

My second question is, why is a Swede with little understanding, and no skin in the Canadian game, asking people to support dissension and civil unrest? If she was calling on people to talk, to come together and reason or to offer to support reconciliation, yes that would make sense. But her Twitter account sounds more like it was written by a confrontational union lead than a 17-year-old.

In my opinion, keep the talks going, find a solution for the pipeline, but remove the blockades and let the trains run. The supply of food, propane and the like are putting the Canadian economy in jeopardy and I suspect Greta doesn’t really care if the prairie farmer gets his propane to heat the barns in mid-winter.

I rarely write a piece like this…but can you tell, on this I have an opinion.

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