Jonah on the run

This week, Tuesday to be exact was the 49th day of prayer for our territorial 100 days of prayer. The Scripture that went with it was the book of Jonah. A wonderful recollection of how God comes to seek man, even when a man (in a vast city) has turned away from God.

If you know anything of the story you will be familiar with the tale of a large fish that swallows Jonah and deposits him on the beach! I can only imagine how he would have smelled?!

Whatever we sometimes skip over though is that God sent Jonah to Nineveh to give the people of that city an opportunity to turn from their wicked ways – and though Jonah had to take a bit of detour – the people do repent and God spares the city. Jonah is so repulsed by this that he becomes angry at God.

Given the rod of judgment and punishment, Jonah would have spared no one, but God is not like that. He desires for all to be saved, to turn from their wicked ways and to find peace in Him.

It was a good reminder that we are not the judge, which it seems is good for all of us, for who among us could really make a good judgment? Who among us could dispense wise and fair justice?

So I offer this song in response! O taste and see that The Lord is good.


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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    a great blog and especially the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

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