The age of privilege

William always seems to look old…well in most of the photos I see of him. Now, of course, there were no smart devices, no selfies, no modern cameras to get the kind of pictures we see today.  But still, he does seem old.  Maybe it’s the beard.

One of the things that he did well was cast vision – it seems he could carry the room, could persuade people, build loyalty and those who surrounded him seemed willing to live sacrificially. I wonder what are willing to sacrifice on behalf of a great vision and purpose. It’s not the age of sacrifice. It’s the age of privilege.

img_20191231_143355Imagine what would change in our world if people lived for others not-self? Imagine what would happen if we believed that eternity mattered and the current time was important to that eternity?

Would we see less violence, less political upheaval, less selfishness, less indulgence?

Imagine if making America, or Canada for any part of world – great again – meant making decisions to serve the most vulnerable, those without a voice.

John Lennon wrote a song – Imagine – which talks about no country, no religion, no well…it was pointed to coming together for the good of each other. John’s song leaves lots to be desired and I certainly think his searching took him to areas of foolish solutions, but I understand what he saw. People who through politics, through religion, through race or wealth were self-serving.

Of course, the words of Jesus was “seek first the Kingdom of God” and I do believe that this was at the heart of what William (and Catherine) Booth attempted.

So my prayer for you – and me – that God would lead us to have eyes and ears for the things of God and for His creation.

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