Before Camp Selkirk

This picture actually comes from my wife. It was among some of Wendy’s grandparent’s pictures. Some of you will know that Wendy is a Kitney – from Argyle/Hamilton Temple (and is therefore related to the Harris’, Marriotts and the Evendens). You will find her Dad Norm in this picture. He’s on the left side, the third row from the front with dark hair and glasses (about 3 in from the left side).

At any rate this picture I think predates Camp Selkirk by a year or two. I know that Jackson’s Point camp was originally purchased by the Territory with the plan that all of Ontario would attend it. Camping ministries were so popular that in 1948 the Divisional Commander of the day, Lt. Colonel Joseph Acton, purchased 86 acres from the Hoover family on the shores of Lake Erie and began Camp Selkirk. But for two years prior to that decision, the division rented a camp and ran their summer program there.

I am wondering if this is one of those camps. You can see that someone is holding a megaphone with the words “Camp Erie Heights” on it. (It’s hard to see but it is there.)

Were you there? Do you have any information on this?

We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Natalie says:

    What a fantastic picture! It’s amazing how clear it is – you can see everything down to the blade of grass the little boy (front row, far left) is chewing on. How funny! I don’t know anyone in this photo but I’m sure they were all just as rambuctious as the campers in my councellor years. Did anyone else notice that it is only boys? Was this once a “boys only” camp?

  2. J9 says:

    I’m looking into whether that might be my uncle, Dennis Rayment, in the last seated row, on the right side. If it was, I might be able to get more information……I’ll keep ya posted….

  3. Anney says:

    The kid with the megaphone looks strangely like David Letterman…but I am sure this is of no help! 🙂

  4. Mark Sturge says:

    Geez, what did these kids do without the internet?

  5. Catherine Park says:

    Wow what a blast from the past. My name is Cathy Park (Budjak) and I married Gord Park. I have been thinking about Camp Selkirk alot over these few days and googled the Camp to see what was there now as we knew it was sold. I was actually talking to someone on Wednesday that lives in Jarvis and goes to church in Selkirk. She said the camp was still there and I even thought of going for a ride this weekend (seeing we are lockdown) because we are just in Grimsby.
    I worked there for quite a few summers as a lifeguard with Capt. Jim Johnson and Capt. Harley Marshall. Gord and I did ” connect” at Camp Selkirk and I loved the picture of the long driveway to the camp because I remember our first walk or first “date” was walking down the road to the beach during a Jr. Soldiers Weekend Camp. The Hoover House looked amazing. I loved that house. I was able to stay there every summer and I think that’s where my love for Heritage Houses began.
    Thanks for taking me down memory lane.
    Cathy Park

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