The Kingdom of God

When we were in Winnipeg Mark used this to begin their celebration. He is trying to set the DNA of the group he leads, for what will be a new corps in due course. It is, I believe a great declaration for any worshipping group and openly declares two great truths.

The first is, that we are brothers and sisters together. We are not foreigners in God’s Kingdom. We are children of the Heavenly Father, we are citizens of heaven who gather together to worship.  Secondly, it declares that the role of a worshipping community is acceptance and love, not judgment nor exclusion.



While the disciples were warned to be wise and discerning, this was in regard to those things which threaten the goodness of a worshipping group, such as false teaching or moral behaviour that would sully the witness of the group.

But in regard to our standing within the Kingdom of God, we all stand equal. I thought as we read this together, I would love to see other places do something similar.

I thought of John Gowan’s song- they shall come from the east, they shall come from the west and sit down in the Kingdom of God…

Have you seen anything similar? Have any thoughts on this?

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