October 20

It was early in the morning – I think around 6:30 on October 20, 2012 that Mom, Cath and I walked out of the hospital in St. Catharines Ontario having bid farewell and watched as Dad took his last breath and walked on into Glory.  It was a peaceful passing without any anguish – or it seemed that way to me. The only anguish, of course, was in our hearts knowing that this man whom we loved so much was gone from our presence. No more long conversations, no more laughing around the table, no more telephone calls to talk through tough stuff. No more.

I remember having however, this sense of deep peace that we would be okay, and Dad was okay. The days following were filled with the busyness  of a funeral and cards and letters flowed in with so many wonderful sentiments that there was almost a joy to it. The kind words and comments flowed over us like a healing balm. I felt so grateffred-047_edited-1ul and blessed for having had such a wonderful Dad.

I’ve kept a good memory of that early morning – the days after were a bit more blurred – but the deep sense that Dad was okay, we would be okay, and God’s grace was flowing into our lives was undeniable. Tears flowed, as they should, but God’s people loved us and God’s peace filled us,
“This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

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