The Salvation Army and values

I might say I’ve given 30 plus years to The Salvation Army – but in many ways it’s been a part of my entire life.  I might more accurately say I’ve given 40 plus years to Jesus….who has led me in this way.  But that might not be entirely correct either for all my life has been blessed and led by Jesus. My parents, thankfully, had sought Jesus for themselves and those decisions have had huge impact upon me and my family.

The fact that our lives were based on Biblical values saved me from many social ills….and keeping busy at The Army, while I may have complained as a teenager at times, provided me with a social life away from some of the influences that brought misery and unhappiness to many of my friends. Sowing careful seeds is not a waste of time.

I’ve said before – we sing a song that says “holiness what God wants from us”….not accurate from my theological perspective.  It should be sung “holiness is what God wants for us”….it’s what protects us, guards us from the decisions and practices that bring so many torment years later.

Since coming back to Toronto in 2011 it’s been a pleasure to reconnect with some of my high school friends and I’ve seen what they have reaping over the past 40 years.

This video from the Ethics Centre helps explain holiness – not just a value with philosophical value, but something that plays out in my life and a million plus others.


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