Christmas week

The gifts are bought and most of the food is in the freezer or fridger….a few shortbreads sit in their dangerously easy to open container on the counter.  Mom is on her way with my reminder for her to bring her stocking – cause we all know Santa keeps track of all the good kids.  Our tree sparkles with the decorations and once again Wendy has made her magic happen for it to look familiar and yet a little different from last year.

Amanda, Phil and Carlyle have had their Christmas as he’s working on Dec 25th and they sent us the most darling video of Carlyle playing with her new little kitchen.  She’s a darling and it looked like Amanda and Phil were having a great time with her.  Next fun goes to Jason and Susan as they get ready to have the twins experience their first Christmas and 3 year old Rachel winds up!

How recent all that seems to have happened to us and yet here we are seeing happen for our children and their children.  I think it is at these moments that time seems unfairly fast.

Since we will have no kids with us this year I did get Wendy to buy me a small toy….soon to be revealed under the tree!  If I can’t play with their toys I’ll get my own I thought.

What will your Christmas look like?  Whatever it is I do hope you’ll enjoy the day, remember the days of greatest joy and celebrate the greatest gift of Joy – the Prince of Peace – Jesus.

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