Lower Island Cove – a day

Just before 6 this morning I headed out to pick up my partner in ministry for today, Bruce, and we were off to Lower Island Cove.  Don’t know where that is?  Take a look on Google Maps…

The purpose of this trip was to present a day long workshop on mission/vision, to dialogue around revitalization.  I’m going to sound a bit boastful here, but it went very well.  And yes I was surprised – mostly because I wasn’t sure how it would go…I was apprehensive.  What a great group of leaders they have – and what a great passion they have to be effective along that north shore.
It was very windy when we arrived and they waves were pounding the rocks along the shore.
At any rate I come to the end of the day grateful again for the ministry which is mine.  I am a blessed man.

The waves hit the shore line

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