Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Today Wendy and I, with Cath, Terry, Noah and Laura will be joining Mom for a Mother’s Day in St. Catharines.  After church we’ll be headed out for dinner – and we will reflect again on the great heritage we have in our parents.

Everybody has a mother but not everyone has a good mother.  I’ve learned that through 31 years of ministry!  Some people are burdened with their mother – whether it be by mental health issues or family dysfunction for some mother’s day brings on a meaning not understood by those of us who grew up in a nurturing home.

So once again – though we’ve said it a thousand times or more – we are grateful to our Mom for her deep love and care.  And by saying so we imply thanks to her Mom and those who brought influence on our homes of our ancestors.  We are blessed indeed.

And in being blessed we are also responsible to take what God has so graciously given and to use it the advantage of our children and grandchildren.  Love gives birth to love and care brings about more care.

So thank you Mom once again for being a gracous, godly Christian lady who gave us so many wonderful gifts.

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