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Looking back

Last Saturday Wendy and I joined Catherine (I think I am the only one who still calls her Catherine), to help our Mom work through the process of preparing to move to the Meighen Retirement Residence.  It was sure fun to be together and to work to accomplish this task – not that we got it all done!

What we did find was lots of great photos that we had to stop and review and remember days gone by!  Isn’t it interesting how some photos take you back to the moment they were taken and you can see, hear, even smell the setting?

I think you can have two reactions to these kinds of events.  You can look back with fondness and regret that so much time has passed, perhaps wonder if you’ve wasted time or missed opportunities, perhaps even recounted errors in judgement.  Or you can look back with fondness and thank God for the people we’ve known and loved, be thankful for the days lived well and acknowledge lessons learned and blessings received.

Even the things which we wish were different can lead us to thankfulness that we had the opportunity to learn.

At any rate – a couple of photos from last Saturday.


Mother’s Day recap

It was an early morning – up and hit the road for St. Catharine’s but the weather was great and the sunshine blessed our journey.  We joined Mom at the Corps for the service and then went off for lunch together at Queenston – what a wonderful buffet it was and made better by being together as a family.  We are a truly blessed family and it was a good day together.

Here’s a few photos from the day.

Mom at the piano

Heading to the buffet

The Brock Monument

Obviously the place to eat

Gorgeous gardens

Our selfie…with Terry and his walker just behind us!

The Niagara River below

Artwork by Laura

Together in the sun

Cath and Wendy

The family on Mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Today Wendy and I, with Cath, Terry, Noah and Laura will be joining Mom for a Mother’s Day in St. Catharines.  After church we’ll be headed out for dinner – and we will reflect again on the great heritage we have in our parents.

Everybody has a mother but not everyone has a good mother.  I’ve learned that through 31 years of ministry!  Some people are burdened with their mother – whether it be by mental health issues or family dysfunction for some mother’s day brings on a meaning not understood by those of us who grew up in a nurturing home.

So once again – though we’ve said it a thousand times or more – we are grateful to our Mom for her deep love and care.  And by saying so we imply thanks to her Mom and those who brought influence on our homes of our ancestors.  We are blessed indeed.

And in being blessed we are also responsible to take what God has so graciously given and to use it the advantage of our children and grandchildren.  Love gives birth to love and care brings about more care.

So thank you Mom once again for being a gracous, godly Christian lady who gave us so many wonderful gifts.