Been thinking about Rachel

Since the birth of Ted and Beth I’ve been wondering about Rachel.  I’ve wondered what is she thinking?  I’m sure she’s wondering what has happened to cause her parents to reduce the time and attention that was her’s and I’m sure she is trying to figure out why these babies are suddenly here. I have been wondering what she’s thinking about the changes in the house.  I’m wondering if she’s been wondering if these babies are staying or this is just for a bit.

I’ve been wondering what she’s feeling.  I wonder if she feels a bit out of sorts or jealous or curious.  No doubt she’s overwhelmed by all the commotion.  I bet it’s hard to be the only child and then suddenly have your world interrupted…wait a minute that’s what happened to me…you bet it’s hard!!

In time she’ll probably grow to love playing the older sister, the other care giver.  She’ll be the one that Ted and Beth go to when they have a question, need assurance, want some love.  In time she’ll understand they aren’t an intrusion on her world they are an addition to the family.

So Rachel, maybe one day you’ll read this and know that despite all the attention that Ted and Beth are getting you aren’t being thought of less.  We love you all the same..maybe even more.


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