Downtown Toronto at night

Friday evening Wendy and I were downtown at CreativFestival where she was looking at displays from a variety of quilt shops from as far away as Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  The major sewing machine manufacturers were there too.  I go along to simply be with Wendy (’cause I really love being together) and to get some good photos!

The technology now inside these sewing machines is amazing.  I call them computers with a needle – they do just about anything and many can be working while you’re doing something else.  Of course the prices are equivalent to their performance levels.

It was a good evening and it was fun to be downtown at night.  When we worked downtown we spent a great deal of time there and new just about every street and alley.  The city is changing so very rapidly and one of the great changes is the number of people who live downtown.  The condos are still going up even though there already seems to be one on every corner.

We both seem to enjoy urban energy.

Now that’s a big Woodpecker
Mr. Moose and his date
The Aquarium is next door to the Convention Centre
The Via Train pulls out of Union Station

The CN tower and search lights in the sky
Construction abounds downtown

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