Velvet Elvis review

For some time Phil has been talking about how much he enjoyed Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis”.  Since we are visiting with Phil and Amanda I thought I would read through it.

With a copyright of 2005 this is one of his early works and it touches on a number of themes: The Church, the need for a fresh look at faith, some of Rob’s own issues and how he worked through them and a quick glimpse at heaven and hell.

That last subject was of course the topic of his later book “Love Wins”.
I enjoy his style of writing, his engaging, fresh work on some of these subjects.  He is an excellent communicator and has a deep skill of question asking – asking thought provoking questions.  Rob doesn’t always give answers allowing the reader to consider their own thoughts.
In both the Rob Bell books that I’ve read the one thing that stands out for me is his pace.  He touches on a great subject, asks some great questions, gives insights and then moves on.  
Rob slow down.  I would like you to settle on something for a bit longer. 
It isn’t that I think he hasn’t thought it through, it’s like I’m hearing the end of his thoughts after the deeper considerations have been made.
Is it a good book?  Absolutely.  I loved reading it and would recommend it.  
Be ready for some hard criticism of The Church – a dangerous place to be as suggested by the late Ed Read….remember you’re talking about The Bride of Christ.

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