Neighbourhood building

On Friday we were hit with a huge snow storm  – well huge for Toronto.  I’ve been in places that got a lot more snow so I recognize that it is easy to laugh at this city when it gets a good storm.  The main difference here really is the density of the population.  Three million cars on the road just make for a significant issue – and so many of these drivers did not grow up driving in this weather.

On Friday I saw our nieghbour who lives across from us shoveling – she and her 2 children were taking on a significant task as they had been gone all day and I had already shoveled three times.  So I went across the street and helped them clear the snow so she could get the car in.

Sunday she came across the street with a gift for us.  This family is from China so she brought some new year gifts.  She goes by Catherine and she told me she had phoned her family to tell them about the nice neighbour who helped.

So now we have the beginnings of a friendship. How will God use this friendship?

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