A lesson for The Church

 While visiting Bermuda, Shawn took us to see The Unfinished Church.  Located in St. George’s this building was intended to seat 650 people and was to replace St. Peter’s that still stands!  The construction began in 1874 but was completed due to divisions within the church and eventually other issues.

I walked about the structure which is now beginning to really deteriorate – in fact while once you could walk through the building, or what is left, it is now sealed off for the safety of the public.

Part of the congregation that left in the split, eventually ended up building another structure which today houses The Salvation  Army in St. George’s.`

I couldn’t help but record this as it seemed like suggest a strong lesson to those of us hwo call ourselves Christians.  The inability of this congregation to get along led to the failure of a grand plan and left a testimony to their failure for generations to come.

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