Leo’s Fish and Chips

Last night I was invited to be the guest of John and Carol for a dinner out – and where should we go?  Well good ol’ Rick Mercer came to the rescue.  After all he’s a local boy done good, though he describes himself as a “highfalutin’ mainlander”.

So where would Rick Mercer send three mainlanders, three impressionable people from “up-a-long”?  Of course it would be a great fish and chip place if Rick recommended it.  Right?  Our good friend who rants a length about what should be…or what might be…he would make sure that what he writes in the Air Canada En Route magazine was accurate – right?

So we found ourselves last night at Rick’s recommended Leo’s Fish & Chips.  First of all…get your own can of pop from the cooler.  Straws are on the table – no glasses.  Okay, that’s not so bad.  Second, only forks no knives…okay so that’s okay too.  AND there are three sizes – small (one piece), medium (two pieces) and large…three!  I ordered the small which was in the end very tasty but the plate was the size of a side plate so not too many chips.

The tables are tiny – almost touching knees under the table.

Rick!  This is the best?

The food was pretty good – but not the best I’ve had and the atmosphere was high school cafeteria like.

I’m sure there are better places.  So next time I get a recommendation from Rick I’m going to ask someone else – that I’ve never heard of before!


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