Church Planting Strategy

The TC has asked that we create a church planting strategy, so it’s a priority for us.  However even if that wasn’t the case I would be hot on the trail of such a strategy.  I learned a long time ago that church plants are the new blood for ageing organizations.  Without them – we will cease to exist.

When we examine church plants they do better on almost every front than established churches.

From personal experience, I can tell you that being inside a good church plant was one of my favourite church experiences – to see something small and fragile grow and strengthen and prosper is amazing.  Of course not all church plants succeed – but think of this – every church today was a plant at one time.  And knowing that every church has a life line – that is a birth and death – if we never plant again it is only a matter of time before all churches (now in existence) will die.

So I’m very much interested in this strategy.  And very interested in addressing the barriers to creating a strategy. But this one part I am convinced of, that if we don’t trust God in this, we will only find excuses not to implement.

I’ll give you more information as this progresses.

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