Accountability Group Rules

I’ve come to the end of Lead Like Jesus by Hodges and Blanchard and have really enjoyed this book.  Actually the word enjoyed is partially accurate – for the book is both inspirational and disturbing.  Hodges and Blanchard do quite a bit of probing and their reflection exercises are challenging.

I give you this example from a section that examines the heart of a leader.  “If your four year old was to ask the question ‘what are the four most important values in our family?’ …what would you answer?

One resource that they give is especially challenging – and useful.  They speak about Hebrews 10:24,25 and the encouragement to “encourage one another”.  They suggest that accountability groups are a great way of encouraging one another in the faith.

Pages 184 and 185 lay out the rules for an accountability group and while this is just one model it is a good one.  I won’t include the rules for the group but provide a list of questions which are part of the process for the group to work effectively.

Here’s a list of questions they suggest for the group:

1. Since our last meeting, have you maintained a daily habit of prayer and time in God’s Word?
2. Have you treated your family, peers, co-workers, supervisors, and employees as objects of God’s love?
3. Have you allowed your pride or fear to drive your leadership decisions?
4. Have you maintained a healthy balance between work, family, church and personal time?
5. Have you compromised your integrity in any way?
6. Have you been anywhere this week that could be seen as a compromise?
7. Have you exposed yourself to any sexually explicit material?
8. Have you trusted God’s timing in your life?
9. Have you missed an opportunity to teach and grow others?
10. Have you fulfilled the demands of your calling this week?
11. Have you missed an opportunity to give an apology or forgive someone?
12. What sin has plagued you in your efforts to lead like Jesus since we met last?
13. Have you just lied in answering any of the above questions?

In reflecting on this exercise it strikes me that being able to walk through this exercise with people whom you love and trust on a regular basis would give you the gift of peace.  Not that we’re perfect or would be able to answer how we would like each time, but the act of unveiling ourselves would walk us towards God’s gift of peace – Jesus.

The one thing I know about Jesus – in the midst of turmoil and chaos, even personal loss,  He demonstrated great peace.

So what do you think?

Are you part of an accountability group now?

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