The Dish Washing Crew

When I was 15 I worked at the Canadian Keswick Conference Centre.  I’ve blogged about it before here.

Recently my friend Ted, who also worked there with me posted this photo.  That’s me with the blonde hair and glasses on the right.  A group of us were asked to help with dishes for a week…the dishes got washed and we got wet!  We had a great time and those memories will stay with me.

By the way the young man just over my shoulder is Rob…he had a crooked nose.  When I asked him how he did it he told me rode his bike into a tree and his parents didn’t notice that his nose wasn’t straight until after it had healed!

For those that worked or holidayed at Keswick we are sorry it is gone!

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  1. jack demille says:

    memories from 1958/59 Keswick. Serving Sunday dinner scooping potatoes, peeling potatoes when the machine broke down, fri rush to set up sleeping quarters, I was in the ‘bus boy ‘ group. The midsummer big bon fire, sleeping over the boathouse. Too few guys, too many girls. What a great 2 summers

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