Canteen points

I often tease people when they’ve done something well, or I want to let them know I would reward them (if I could in a tangible way) by awarding canteen points.  What you ask are canteen points?  So glad you asked.

Star Lake Camp circa 1969

Well at camp we had a canteen – a small store that would sell mostly sweets but often you could by a camp t-shirt or perhaps a hat – some remembrance of that year at camp.  Remember the camp pennant?  The schedule always had canteen time when the kids could come and get a couple of things…and as it was often free to them…well it was very popular!

So from time to time I say (usually to the staff working for me) “you’ve got 200 canteen points”…how much is a canteen point?  Does it matter?  After all it’s the thought that counts!

By the way that young man with the blonde hair wearing high tops is me!  I think I’m about 12 or 13.  See where I am?  At the canteen perhaps cashing in my canteen points!

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