Lake Louise – time lapse

Though we love Ontario, and continue to enjoy the closeness of family and friends, every once in a while we turn our eyes westward and long to be near the mountains again.  The scale of them is hard to put into words, hard to capture in a photo or even a video.

Until you have stood under the towering peak or better yet walked part way up or even climbed to the top, well until you’ve experienced the scale and recognized just how tiny you are and immense are the forces about you – until then you will be able to grasp a sliver of their majesty.
Lake Louise is a popular tourist location and whether in winter or summer demands you respect the weather and the setting.  The lake is fed by the glacier and is cold even in the hottest of summers.
Here’s a wonderful video that captures in time lapse video something of the magic of this setting.  Enjoy.

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