Revisiting Banff

From the second floor of Earls

When we lived in Calgary, which was for 7 years, we would, from time to time, drive out to Banff.  It was often on a Monday morning.  We would wonder around – sometimes walking the main street, sometimes driving about the town, down to the golf course and Bow Falls – just to enjoy the sights and sounds of being in this lovely mountain town.

Earl the pig

We would get a burger at McDonalds and sit by their gas fireplace.  As we watched the tourists around us and hear the different languages that they spoke we would remind ourselves that our time in this part of the world was temporary and that we should take full advantage of this gorgeous part of Canada.

 Returning this week – the first time since we moved last July – has been wonderful.  We are enjoying family and the surroundings.  Today we became tourists and headed back to Banff for some window shopping and a great lunch at Earls!

Mount Rundle

The clouds hanging low

A few folks on the main road

Perhaps our retirement cabin?!

Amanda the Awesome

Phil trying on the carrier

A more serious look

Bear with me

Heading to the car

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