How many words do you speak in a day?

“He certainly has some strong opinions!” said my friend observing a third party.  I had to agree.  He doesn’t listen well.  I normally associate poor listening skills with the younger crowd, younger being anyone less than 40!

I’ve come to the conclusion words are like currency.  The more there is, the less their value.

According to Richard Knox and his study “Men Talk Just as Much as Women, we all speak about 16,000 words a day.  Yet some speak with great power, conviction and authority.  Remember Jesus was noted as speaking as one “with authority”.  Have you noticed how often the person who says the least gets noticed the most when they are ready to speak?  Their words carry more value.

It isn’t of course just about how many words – it is also about what words get chosen.  When I hear someone who can’t get a sentence out without adding a vulgar phrase or two I immediately assume they have a poor command of the English language.  Of course that’s my assumption.
Back to my earlier point – I believe that people who listen well, speak well.  Do you agree?

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