Ottawa Street surprises us

the hood

Friday I began to compile some of the data for our family tree.  As I punched in dates of birth, marriage or death I was taken by how much of these family, life, events were associated with Hamilton.  It is where my Grandfather came when he left England, it is where both my sisters and Wendy were born.  It is where all of Wendy’s grandparents were born, married and died.  It is where Wendy’s parents were married.  It is where many of our roots go deep.

familiar ground

Hamilton is also known for Ottawa Street, home to many textile stores.  We’ve been talking about going there for a while…and Wendy’s dissatisfaction with Toronto’s textile scene has added fuel to the fire!  So Saturday morning we headed out fairly early.  The day was warm and sunny which only added to the pure enjoyment of strolling this area.

It seems the Business Association has been spending time and effort to re-invent this old street.  We found it to be a delight to simply walk along.  Many great shops – many great artists – and Wendy was thrilled to find many great fabric stores.  We loved the Italian eatery for lunch and the sun was so warm that many people were seen with their coats over their arms strolling along looking in the shop windows.

It’s so nice out!

Of interest to me was the number and quality of the antique stores…being an antique now myself…it was nice to see the selection of items, many of whom I had not seen in years. (And others I had only heard of…really…!)

We came across a couple of nice coffee shops – no surprise to you perhaps but this is Tim Horton country – no really – the very first Tim Horton’s is right around the corner.  It even has a sign on it to acknowledge this is where it all started.  Why didn’t I get a photo of that?  Hmmm, not sure.  Next time.

even the plants have come out!

Wendy and I have lived in Hamilton once as a married couple, but we both lived their in our younger years.  We find the city familiar and we wondered…”would this make a good place to retire?”….these questions will need to be answered in the years to come, in the meantime we simply enjoyed the weather, the sights and being with each other.  I love holding hands with Wendy!

the locals

Thimbles mark the grarden

Spools line the park

Friends walk the sidewalk

Are there ever too many coffee shops?

Why is this store closed on a day like this?

Wendy enters a fabric shop

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