Hockey Night in Buffalo

Usually through the course of a hockey season I attend two or three games…most often it has been, in the past, due to my office.  Someone has taken me as their guest because I was their pastor, on their board, had some interest or connection with The Salvation Army.  This week was a completely different case.  I was the guest of family.  What a great gift – to be able to go with my brother-in-law Terry and my nephew Noah to watch a game.

And what a game it was!  Edmonton is proving to be a great young team, and after finishing in the basement two years in a row, they have been able to put their hands on some great young players.  I really enjoyed watching Taylor Hall.  He’s going to be a great leader and play maker.  He’s got hands…as they say.  He can handle a puck well and he got the first goal of the night on a tight shot from the left of the net.

In the end Edmonton lost…but it was a close game and was fun to watch.

It was fun to watch Noah too – he sure loves his hockey and he knows all the players and much of the data!  It might have been a cold night outside but we enjoyed every moment!  Being back in Ontario and so close to family has been a real joy this past six months.  Thank you Terry and Noah for taking me.  Thank you LORD for allowing us these days close to family.

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