Rachel’s room

While Susan was away in Newfoundland Wendy and I went to Listowel and did some work on Rachel’s room. Wendy found some purple drapes (with sparkles in them) and then made a valence.  We had added a cube organizer with nifty bright clothe cubes!  Very girly!

I have to say we love being grandparents!

I’m continuing to read through LOVE WINS by Rob Bell.  He is certainly building a case for a “new earth” but I don’t hear him talking about “a new heaven”.  So while the focus of his critics has been on his “erasing hell” I can’t say that’s what I read.  As well the book has the endorsement of Eugene Peterson – one this day’s leading theologian!  I’m not finished yet but it’s coming.  In the meantime if you’re following this thread take a look at this blog post.

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