I’ve been blogging on this site at since 2005.  The topics have been varied – many reflective of our family life, many telling tales of our travel and of course running through it all is the thread of my faith and how that reflects upon how I see the world and God’s hand in it.  As with all writers I have a bias – I see things a certain way, am in favour of certain things.  I like things to be a particular way – I’m like you – I have my favourites!  Or at have things on my favourite list.

Well today’s big announcement is…drum roll please…that I will be blogging under the address of thanks to the kindness of Phil & Amanda who bought me an early birthday present.  Cool eh?

Thanks Phil & Amanda!  If you’re a regular reader and you’ve got the old address bookmarked would you update your bookmarks?  You can still use the old address and you’ll be redirected – but wouldn’t it better to come direct to the correct address?

So that’s it.  Well not quite – today I received four new books from which I had only ordered on Wednesday morning.  Well done Amazon!  I’ll tell you about the books soon.  By the way – LOVE WINS is an interesting book and I’m almost 100 pages in…now to do another 40 before bed!

God’s grace is amazing.

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