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Bob Robert’s list on church and unlearning

Bob Roberts’ interview at The Christian Vision Project grants us some good insights on church and mission.  It is amazing to me that what we know and our behaviour at times is incongruent but be that as it may I’m in agreement with Bob, especially around his assertion that following Jesus leads us to mission.

The number one reason churches go off the rails and find themselves in decline is that they become focused on themselves and their decision making follows.

So with that here’s Bob’s list.  Would you agree with him?

Bob Roberts on church and mission:
9 Things I’m Learning and Unlearning

I’m learning … that mission begins with Christology not ecclesiology. Following Jesus leads us to mission, which leads to churches gathering.

I’m unlearning … my assumption that starting churches naturally leads to mission. It doesn’t. Churches default to self-focus unless a commitment to be like Jesus in the world comes first.

I’m learning … that being glocal means decentralizing power, decision making, information, all of it. The kingdom of God means ministry opportunities are available to almost everyone.

I’m unlearning … the American church’s traditional focus on a super-star speaker, worship leader, educator, and shepherd, which serves mainly to attract spectators rather than igniting the power of everyone else.

I’m learning … that we serve not to convert but because we have been converted. We serve because Christ has changed us and made us servants to people who are hurting and lost.

I’m unlearning … the assumption that “Christian” is defined primarily as acknowledging a moment of conversion. Becoming a follower of Jesus depends on what happens after that.

I’m learning … to love people, which means to see them healed, educated, and given the same opportunities that we have.

I’m unlearning … that the Christian faith is all about heaven. I believe the church has denied the future by just waiting for the Second Coming. We need a story that includes the future.

I’m learning … the kingdom will be established not by human power or entertainment, but by realizing God’s concern for humanity and the whole of society.


Banff photography

Isn’t it amazing how the threads of life connect?  When we were in Ottawa I connected with Doug Ward.  He had planted a church in Kanata and we worked on the Billy Graham Mission in 1998.  We were reconnected lately through Arrow.

I discovered that he has a son-in-law that is a photographer in Banff.  You can get to his blog here.  With Philip and Amanda in Canmore it seemed like an interesting connection that we both had kids living so close to one another.

So check out Zizka Photography.

She went to Church

One of the blogs I follow is called The Bag Lady….she’s in England and frankly a good writer.  Her honest assessment of her place in faith, and her attendance lately at The C of E made me pause.

I’ll recommend you drop by and read – then perhaps you can leave her and/or me a comment.

Here’s the link: http://baghabit.blogspot.com/2012/09/this-weekend-i-went-to-church.html