The Value of Loyalty

I’ve been thinking about this posting for a very long time.  It is directly related to our leadership experiences and reflective of a time when we were faced with disloyalty.

Some around 2005 I read Bill Hybel’s book Courageous leadership. I was encouraged and challenged by it, and I felt it put into words some of my sense of team building.  If you haven’t read it, Hybel and others, suggest that to build a good team you need members who have competency (knowing what they are doing), character (knowing themselves and living out integrity) and chemistry (being able to work with the rest of the team).

I’ve added to that list capacity (the ability to carry their work load).

Of course there are values espoused inside those declared virtues.  For example inside competency I might add the value of honestly so that competencies are used in the envelope of honesty.  I might also think of the value of respect.  Being a team member that brings competency and character implies I bring the value of respect.

But the value which has given me much to consider is loyalty.  Team members must have some level of competency and of course character and capacity, but above all that and implied in chemistry is loylaty.  This has become for more the one value which I see in team work as being paramount.  Without loyalty a team is dead in the water.  Loyalty grants trust which produces risk which in turn produces innovation.  Without trust a team becomes a group who work on related matters without trust, without risk without innovation.

When a team member has no loyalty to their leader they have no loyalty to the team.  Loyalty is integrity in relationship.

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