Famous people and common sense

People in the news make me wonder.  Is it them or is it the media?  For example, Kim Kardashian’s marriage of less than 72 hours.  She didn’t know she shouldn’t marry him?  Really?  As I read in the paper this morning…yogurt last longer than that.  Whatever it was, whatever it is.  I’m sorry that people get hurt.

Justin Beiber fathered a child?  First of all, I didn’t think he was old enough to shave, but then I suppose I don’t know much about the kid.  I’m with Donny Osmond, who also lived through the teen idol days and said, “I hope someone’s giving that boy some good advice”.  Maybe he needs someone else on his team, like his parents.

Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  Did he inject Michael Jackson or didn’t he?  I suppose Dr. Murray’s real problems began when he agreed to set foot inside the devolving world of a self-destructive man.  A pound of prevention vs. a pound of cure in this case.

Mayor Rob Ford and the ongoing saga of his inappropriate actions and reactions should get a mention.  I’ve only lived in Toronto 5 months and I’ve come to this conclusion.  Mayor Ford believes he is Toronto’s messiah (small m) and can save the city from calamity by operating like a big business.  That maybe true – it may prove to be untrue.  In the meantime he’s proved several times that he cannot control his tongue.  If I could give him some advice I would suggest he shadow Major Hazel Mccallion for a week.  Or at the very least watch this video!

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