The changing season

Footprints on the wall

I wonder if this weekend was the last real autumn weekend for Southern Ontario? The leaves are dropping – their bright colours are giving way to a more sullen brown – perhaps a washed out yellow.  Autumn is drawing to a close.  Though with today’s ridiculously warm temperatures – going to be 16 today in Toronto – it’s hard to believe that we haven’t skipped winter and spring is around the corner.

However, with snow falling on the prairies we know our turn is coming.  This year at least, Wendy and I are delayed in the donning of our winter wear.  Even the snow tires will go on later.  This weekend we visited with Adele and Harvey – as well as Wendy’s Mom.

I suppose you’ve wondered where the blog went…well it didn’t walk away – I’m still here.

Autumn sun on the fallen leaves

On our return home we stopped in at the Memorial Gardens just north of Kingston – it is where my Grandpa and Nanny Waters are buried – well that’s where the bodies are!  They’re in heaven… You’ll see by the marker at the bottom he was born in 1887 – 124 years ago on August 25th.  Though he was a fairly old man by the time I began to accumulate memories, he is still a strong influence on who I am and what I’ve become.  But then that’s the legacy of grandparents – though our grandchildren may or may not know us well, the choices we make, even early in our lives, come to bear weight on what they become.  We cannot escape the responsibility of how our lives impact others.

Strolling down the street
Can he do it?

A bit big

Now how to get down!

The two sisters

Grandpa & Nanny Waters

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